Full skepticism finds no God!

Full skepticism applies to religion. It possesses no reason to be overlooked on claims. We have reasons to doubt the veracity of any scriptures. We find no evidence for the supernatural but instead misinterpretations of evidence.

 Whilst many will query about televangelists requests for money – that prosperity gospel, we all should query about why believe in any religion in the first place.

 Arguments for the supernatural ever fail. They depend on the arguments from personal incredulity and from ignorance.

 Aquinas’ superfluity argument enters: why add God as the supreme answer when we don’t need Him as such as Percy Bysshe Shelley declares:” To suppose that some existence beyond or above them [ the descriptions-laws- of Nature,L.G.], is to invent a second and superfluous  hypothesis to account for what is already accounted for.”

    Richard Swinburne and William Lane Craig claim that we require the Ultimate Explanantion as the personal one. That bespeaks animism,albeit reduced animism but no better than full animism or polytheism as introducing what none can justifiably require as it contradicts science, which as Lamberth’s the teleonomy argument states finds no divine intent- no teleology behind natural causes and furthermore thereby contradicts them so that instead of complementing science, religion makes for obscurantism. Indeed, theistic evolution is just an oxy-moronic obscurantism.

  We no more need a personal explanation behind all Nature than we do for ones behind natural causes- no spirits at all. So, reduced animism -theism- is as superstitious as full animism!

  Theists fail to appreciate the power of natural causes,so they use the argument from personal incredulity to find that personal explanation that bases itself on the argument from ignorance.

    Theists furthermore ever beg questions and argue in circle and commit other logical fallacies so that as Fr. Griggs states:” Logic is the bane of theists.”


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