What are other incoherencies in the God- term?

Ignostic Morgan's Blog

    How can one have a personal relationship with a square circle? How does that personal relationship save anybody?

    Lamberth’s the atelic and other naturalist arguments deny God any referents as Grand Miracle Monger, Actor in History and so forth such that He cannot exist, and with incoherent, contradictory attributes, again, He cannot exist! So by analysis, not by dogma, we ignostics declare God cannot exist! No one then has to traverse the Cosmos nor have omniscience herself to find no No God! Here we can without the argument from ignorance declare that as Victor Stenger notes where mountains of evidence should exist and none does, and in line with Charles Moore’s auto-epistemic rule, evidence of absence is indeed absence of evidence.

     Yahweh-Yeshua cannot exist,because misanthropes just made Him up! As a real person Yeshua lived, and taking the Gospels as describing him justly, He was a cult leader, perhaps a schizotypal with…

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